Packaged corporate banking, savings and investment solutions, together with specialised corporate insurance and insurance risk advisory services.

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Ithala offers corporate clients packaged banking, inclusive of corporate banking solutions, savings and investments, corporate insurance and insurance risk advisory services.

Corporate Banking Services

Corporate Banking Services allow business banking clients to manage their corporate payments in a secure environment, where the focus is placed on ACCESS CONTROL and APPROVAL of electronic payments made by the business unit.

This service is based on the preparation of payments within larger companies or Municipalities, where the payment and the accompanying documentation is prepared by one person and signed by one or two different people, to whom these rights have been assigned.

Payments are made to pre-defined beneficiaries approved by relevant employees within the company or Municipality.

Corporate Banking Services includes:

  • Corporate Fixed Deposits;
  • Corporate Call Deposit;
  • Disbursements;
  • Revenue Collections;
  • Debt Collection;
  • Insurance Advisory Services (IAS);
  • Short-term Asset Cover (moveable and fixed assets);
  • Specialised Insurance Cover (niche products).

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